From a small village girl to the Founder & CEO of “AGROWAVE” with a turnover of Rs 27 crores – Anu Meena

Anu Meena woman entrepreneur- AGROWAVE
Anu Meena woman entrepreneur- AGROWAVE

Anu Meena belongs to a little family from Village “Mangoli” in Rajasthan. She is from the town however her fantasies were high. She has finished her tutoring from an government hindi medium school, which was in her town. She had finished her graduation from IIT Delhi in 2016. She is persevering and needs to work on something for her town and townspeople.

Anu Meena
Anu Meena

Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) graduate Anu Meena knew agri-tech was her purpose in life. Experiencing childhood in a town climate with her group of farmers, she noticed her grandfather battling with coordinations and estimating for his items. This set the motivation for Agrowave, what removes the mediator, urging Indian farmers to effectively develop and sell produce by assisting them with upgrading their current horticultural inventory network through examination, exploration and innovation.


“The Gurugram-based startup last brought capital up in 2017 from versatile application and cloud arrangements firm Daffodil Software. It assists them with selling produce effectively in their own town on fingertips through our versatile application. We are more centered around building the backend production network instead of simply fabricating request,” Meena said.

The startup acquires new leafy foods from farmers and disperses them straightly to organizations. For this, it utilizes investigation to coordinate with request and supply, by foreseeing the interest utilizing past information (volume, items, recurrence, and so forth). AgroWave has in excess of 30 consistent clients who are food providers, retail shops, cafés, and bottles. It is timing an every day offer of around Rs 50,000.

Their application is currently under improvement, the group intends to start a farmer application just as a client application in two months. They likewise wants to begin delivering vegetables and organic products to Rajasthan in the following months. “We will prepare farmers with the goal that they can sell their items without help from anyone else. We intend to tie up with government drives and farmer maker associations (FPOs) for this. We additionally give coordinations backing to the farmers who can’t make such courses of action for themselves,” says Anu.

Talking about the difficulties she has looked in running the startup, the youthful business person says – “As of now, we are not utilizing any outsider for coordinations, so that is one test. Quality planning is the other. Planning the quality according to client need is a troublesome undertaking and it requires some investment. It’s difficult to contact every farmer, we have onboarded around 50 farmers however doing this for a huge scope is troublesome.

Anu was additionally granted by the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment for her public work. In 2019, she was likewise granted by “Global Gandhi Award”. She is likewise an individual from EC, IIT Delhi Alumni Association. Agrowave helps and empowers Indian farmers. She noticed her grandfather was battling with coordinations and estimating for his item on the market. He didn’t get a proper vendor for his item, and the farmers of her town need to think twice about the cost.

This set the motivation for AGROWAVE, and it cut – out the center man and empower farmer at their best cost and become renowned. Anu set up a group of a youthful business visionary. Payal Jawalkar and Arun Yadav are in her group and assisted her with investigation and activity. By her work, farmers get $3.7Mn in 2020.

Anu and group.
Anu and group.


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