IT worker who quits his job in USA & now earns Rs 1 Crore in Four months from “Organic Mandya”| Madhu Chandan – Organic Farming

Organic Mandya- Madhu Chandan
Organic Mandya- Madhu Chandan

A man of versatility and boundless energy, Madhu was bought up in Mandya and studied Electronics and Communication Engineering at PET Engineering College, University of Mysore. He started his profession as an Automation Engineer and was into planning and building computerization structures on different devices like QTP, WinRunner, and Selenium.

Working with various organizations for a very long time, he ventured the world and established an organization called Verifaya in San Jose, USA.

Organic Mandya Madhu Chandan
Organic Mandya Madhu Chandan

Madhu Chandan, the CEO of Organic Mandya, ran his own product organization and was living in California. He used to come to Bangalore regularly where his organization’s R&D focus was found. Coming to Bangalore on such outings, he saw that many laborers were from his hometown Mandya. What began to trouble him was that a large portion of these individuals were sons and daughters of farmers have moved to the city for having no pay in farming.

His local Mandya, which was one of the most extravagant district in India, presently confronted the migration of youths to urban communities looking for work, more number of farmer suicides, expanded passing rates.

Examining the real factors the farmers had looked for quite a long time , madhu chose to accomplish another fantasy for his native place.

Madhu mentioned some upsetting objective facts about the far reaching cultivating practices and what it meant for the society. Chemical based farming had denied the farmer of his normal skill, transformed him into a customer of chemical produce actually like city-people, and made him inclined to way of life related infections that were unfathomable in Rural Communities.

And it was an high time for the farmer to consume the organic products grown in his own farm, be self- sustainable, and enjoy the benefits by the natural way of farming. And that’s where “ORGANIC MANDYA” was born.

Organic Mandya Farmers market
Organic Mandya Farmers market

In the year 2014 Madhu started Organic Mandya, a rousing story that is very well known now!

His methodology of being involved and further developing something that is given to him is a quality that he has genuinely guzzled — in any event, being a CEO of Organic Mandya, he appreciates cultivating and visits among Bengaluru and Mandya.

Perceiving his accomplishments in Agriculture, the Central Government selected him as a Management Committee Member of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). He guaranteed them that this would carry striking changes to their wellbeing and riches. Madhu began an unrehearsed gathering and more farmers joined the gathering which prompted the development of a Mandya Organic Farmers Co-operative Society.

Organic Mandya was really shaped as a promoting wing to help the Mandya Organic Farmers Co-Operative Society.

Organic Mandya presently has without a doubt-

  • 12000+ Farmers under the Co Operative Society.
  • 7000+ Farmers in 300+ Organic Farmers Clubs.
  •  4500 Women Members in 200 Villages.
Organic Mandya Natural Unprocessed Honey
Organic Mandya Natural Unprocessed Honey


Madhu’s initial step was to assemble energetic people who pooled in Rs 1 crore and he enlisted Mandya Organic Farmers Cooperative Society, uniting almost 240 natural farmers in the initial stage. It took him eight months to complete all the government formalities and set up Organic Mandya, the cooperative under which farmers will sell their produce.

A farmer walks around the Organic Mandya store and puts a significant bunch of tomatoes and chillies on the table. The assistant weighs it to be around 4.5 kg and 1.25 kg exclusively and gives him a few crisp notes.

The cooperative has effectively more than 500 enlisted farmers who on the whole own near 200 sections of land and are creating more than 70 varieties available to be purchased – rice, dals, consumable oils, drinks, masalas and flavors. As far as income, the organization arrived at Rs one crore in only four months.

In the following one year, Madhu is running after developing 10,000 families to create incomes of around Rs 30 crore by making them purchase month to month supplies averaging to roughly Rs 2,000 to 3,000.


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