Woman from working in the front office of the top five star Inn to establishing her own honey brand with Rs 10 Crore turnover per annum.

Nectar Fresh Chayaa Nanjappa
Nectar Fresh Chayaa Nanjappa

Mrs. Chayaa Nanjappa is the founder of the brand Nectar Fresh which was set up at the most minimal phase. The brand was set up without any preparation without a coach or direction or involvement with the field to what it is today.

Chayaa Nanjappa, partner of Nectar Fresh ,an organization with a total assets of six crore rupees and a turnover of 10 crore rupees for every annum ,is living evidence. Her life’s endeavor, tucked conveniently among Srirangapatna and Mysuru, directly off the Bengaluru-Mysuru expressway. Brought into the world in Nalkeri, in Kodagu, daughter of a coffee planter father and a headmistress mother, conditions constrained youthful Chayaa to stop her education after Class 12.

Following a couple of years, she moved to Bengaluru. Aimless in the city, Chayaa’s Kodava qualities of being an immaculate host found her a task in the front office of The Chancery, a best five-star inn. Following a year, she needed to begin something all alone, something that evoked her home, something that was brought into its world.

Nectar Fresh
Nectar Fresh

Honey, she thought. As a Coorgi lady, she had grown up with a local information on flavors, espresso and honey. Honey would be somewhat simpler to source, she could get preparing for it, it accompanied a longer shelf life – and it was extraordinary.

A course at the Central Bee and Research Training Institute (CBTRI) in Pune, in 2006-07, outfitted her with the information and abilities identified with preparing and protecting honey. That’s where Nectar Fresh began. She set up her own unit to measure and load honey with all its freshness flawless. The underlying venture was marshaled up with Rs. 10 lakh from her mother’s reserve funds, eight lakh rupees from peddling her own jewels, and another 10 lakh as a bank loan.

The unit upheld by the Khadi and Village Industries Board, started creation in 2007 in Bommanahalli close to Bengaluru. The woman from the green valleys of Nalkeri wouldn’t stop until she had taken a stab at everything to make her image the most pursued in the hotel industry.

Presently, Chayaa works with in excess of 100 farmers and their families, who center around growing a single harvest, collaborating with them to make uniflora honey.

Packaging of honey
Packaging of honey

Nectar Fresh possesses 20 mobile apiary vans in different places now and has a basketful of assortments of honey – other than apiary honey and woodland honey, among the uniflora assortment, there is Himachal honey, litchi honey and clover honey, among others. Nectar Fresh has made some amazing progress, turning into a brand name to deal with regards to honey, coffee, prepared and safeguarded natural products as jams and sauces, mayonnaise and then some.

Indeed, the honey bee is humming endlessly enterprisingly, in Kodagu, in Mysuru, any place Chayaa goes, on the grounds that at the center of her hive of industry lies the sweet, satisfying taste of progress.


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